Ceramic Sculpture: Biblical figures. Contemporary.

Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture: Tiglath-Pileser III and Moses (detail). Terracotta clay. Each figure 13cm high.

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New archaeological art: Mini-reliefs under way

24th May 2017

I’m currently working on these two small relief sculptures in clay. Shown here before firing and before colouring, they will eventually be terracotta red clay, with colour and gold leaf applied. Approximately 15cm wide, they … Read more

Ancient Egyptian Horse Sculpture - ceramic with underglaze and gold leaf

Pessach Sameach! (Happy Passover!)

5th April 2017

This recently completed horse sculpture depicts an ancient Egyptian royal horse adorned with blue and hold ceremonial crest and tail. Ceramic, with blue underglaze and gold leaf. An art prize I won at school was … Read more

New Black Moses

5th March 2017

I’ve just completed a new sculpture. My New Black Moses stands 31.5cm high and is made of black fired clay with touches of a dark metallic underglaze.

Intuitive art

Spontaneous art group

11th February 2017

I’ve just opened a new art class. The aim is to give you the tools by which you are able, quite quickly, to make spontaneous and free art which is wide open, expressive, and unique to you. It … Read more