Bright, joyous and meaningful: Jewish art that is also universal art, telling all our stories.

Light and joy in life, and in divine service, have always been central themes of Hassidic tradition. This is the feeling I try to convey in my current Jewish art. I hope that through this energy, I will also be reaching a wider audience regardless of cultural background. I do love the bright light and colours of Israel, infused with a powerful spiritual force, and hope this is evoked in my work.

My artistic aim.

My aim is to present a contemporary, modern and universal approach to traditional themes in Judaica art. I am concerned to create Jewish- and Bible-themed art that is accessible, clear and engaging to all. This is not abstract art or art which challenges conceptual boundaries. Rather, it is a decorative, simple and naive art, open, direct and without pretensions.

Apart from the spiritual essence of the Old Testament narrative paintings, I also hope that there may be an uplifting quality in the vibrancy of the colours, the character of the composition, the emotional tone set by the figures, and the live, tactile quality of brushwork in the original paintings.