Contemporary Ancient Sculpture: Tiglath-Pileser III and Moses (detail). Terracotta clay. Each figure 13cm high.

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New Black Moses

5th March 2017

I’ve just completed a new sculpture. My New Black Moses stands 31.5cm high and is made of black fired clay with touches of a dark metallic underglaze.

Intuitive art

Spontaneous art group

11th February 2017

I’ve just opened a new art class. The aim is to give you the tools by which you are able, quite quickly, to make spontaneous and free art which is wide open, expressive, and unique to you. It … Read more

British naive art. Shepherdess painting in Little Picture Gallery, Mousehole.

Shepherdess in Mousehole

27th December 2016

Judy Joel, owner of the delightful Little Picture Gallery in Mousehole, Cornwall, sent me these pictures of my Shepherdess painting in her gallery’s Christmas window display. I never thought of this painting as relating to … Read more

Intuitive art - Prayer Clouds

A different approach – Intuitive art

9th December 2016

Prayer Clouds (I) – Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf – 43 x 50cm As an exercise in freedom from form, I approached a blank canvas with no preconceptions, and let the painting emerge in … Read more