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Renoir balcony

21st February 2018

One of my favourite books is Renoir, My Father by Jean Renoir (1958). It’s a most loving and beautifully detailed account of the great Impressionist painter. Highly recommended! And here is Renoir’s beautiful Le Déjeuner des Canotiers (1881). And amazingly, below it, is the same balcony today. For many years… Read more

Noah – ceramic relief sculpture

2nd February 2018

This piece of ceramic relief sculpture, Noah!, is made of a light-coloured clay (called Yellow Terrazzo), with an inlay of smoked glass. Many of the elements are finished with acrylic paint. (See my post from September, showing how it was made).The design is simple, primitive, direct and, I hope, powerful.… Read more

landscape painting with desert valley at dawn. Pilgrimage to holy river. Twelve tribes. Raanana artist.

Pilgrimage to the Valley of Gold

5th January 2018

A video showing the painting process for this newly commissioned work. Filmed by me and son! Pilgrimage to the Valley of Gold, Acrylic with applied gold leaf on canvas, 65cm x 120cm. Pilgrimage to the Valley of Gold Once a year, the pilgrims visit this most sacred valley of the… Read more

Succah-building video

10th October 2017

This is a quick video of us building our succah last week….A succah is a temporary hut which replicates the ancient Israelites’ dwellings during their forty-year sojourn in the Sinai. It also reminds us of the temporary nature of all of our lives on earth. Read more


“Dad and Mum LOOOOOVE the Moses! Believe me they are the type that can’t (and don’t) fake it if they don’t like something….. they just love it and thought it was the perfect gift. Thank you so much because it really isn’t easy to find meaningful and beautiful Jewish art to give to someone so important to me…..!”

Jodi M., Sydney, Australia

“We’re very much enjoying your beautiful, very detailed artwork. Your vibrant and whimsical treatment of familiar biblical stories is most endearing. We appreciate the prompt secure shipping as well.”  

Fred M. ,  New York

“The paintings were delivered in perfect condition. Your packing job was excellent. I will have the paintings framed (box frame) as you suggested…. I will enjoy your art every day. I am so happy I found you!”

Miriam S.,  Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Thanks so much. An utterly amazing work ! It is hanging in my living room and is not only mine, but my wife’s favorite art work in our place . There is definitely something genius to his work. What is noticeably so striking about his work, as well as in this piece is that at first glance it innocuously draws you in with uncluttered beauty and a simplistic nature but once you find yourself scoped in on it’s conglomeration – it will not let you leave and then you never tire of staring at it ! I’m glad I was able to afford this piece now as I believe it is just a matter of time before this artist/sculptor’s work is sky rocketing !”

Daniel P.,  Brooklyn, New York