Accessible, original and meaningful art.

My work as an artist features subjects from literature, from the Bible and from my imagination. My aim is to create art which, by telling a story, is easily accessible and inherently meaningful.

Born in England in ’63, living in Israel since ’93, I’ve been an artist and illustrator for as long as I can remember, always drawing, painting or making something. Although formally trained in architecture, my home is in art, in story, and in the place where the two meet.

Artist Statement

My paintings generally have a strong element of narrative; meaning that they are telling part of a story. Often in my art, the subject is the ancient history of the Middle East, which, living in the region, I feel is so present in the landscape and in the air. I aim to convey something spiritual too; the painting is of this world, but also not of it. I am concerned to create things of beauty.

I alternate between oils and acrylic paint. Acrylic gives speed, and a lighter feel to the process, while oil engenders a slower, deeper, more contemplative approach.


By day, I work in educational publishing. By night, I’m in the studio……