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Contemporary Israeli art – some of my current work

These paintings, categorised broadly as contemporary Israeli art, represent recent work of mine. Each is for sale and has its own page, with a few words about the picture, details of price, and a contact form for enquiries.

Writing about my work as “contemporary Israeli art”

As an artist I find it difficult to see my own work objectively, to categorise it and to write about it. Both the process of making art, and the process of looking at it, are contemplative, and I find that neither of these go together well with words. I’ve been told that it can be helpful for artists to describe in words the process behind their art. It can also be helpful for the viewer to hear what the artists have to say. On this website, I’ve begun writing about my work, trying to define what it’s about.

My first attempt at categorisation was to call my work “contemporary Israeli art.” Now I question this. I know I’m working today, but my art is, in reference to current art worldwide, hardly “contemporary.” Neither can my work be categorised as totally Israeli. In many ways, in spite of having lived here for more than twenty-three years, I still feel very British, and still look more to the current UK art world for inspiration, rather than the Israeli one. In the end, however, I hope my work is still contemporary, still Israeli, and I hope still art!



Contemporary Israeli art: Jaffa in the Evening around 1910
Jaffa in the Evening around 1910 oil on canvas, 20cm x 40cm (sold)