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Intuitive art
Joint exercise in colour and form from one of the first classes

Spontaneous art group

I’ve just opened a new art class. The aim is to give you the tools by which you are able, quite quickly, to make spontaneous and free art which is wide open, expressive, and unique to you. It is a process of learning about yourself, and about the nature of creativity which arises spontaneously from within. My vision is that the making of spontaneous art can be an excellent mindfulness practice, wherein we are completely and vitally present – in the act of creation.


The beginning of the course will be about getting to know, through structured exercises, the basic elements: materials, technique, colour and form. Gradually, as you grow in confidence, we will develop ways of working which are broader and more free, leading to a truly spontaneous outflow of art.


For further details, please contact me at: dgilmont@gmail.com