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Noah – ceramic relief sculpture

This piece of ceramic relief sculpture, Noah!, is made of a light-coloured clay (called Yellow Terrazzo), with an inlay of smoked glass. Many of the elements are finished with acrylic paint. (See my post from September, showing how it was made).The design is simple, primitive, direct and, I hope, powerful. The motif of the dove flying off to find the olive-branch – the symbol that G-d has made His peace with man – is universal. I wanted  to use colour to lighten up the heavy, quite rudely-cut forms of the figures. Originally I used only the lightest blues, but gradually added turquoise and indigo, as the greater tonal depth seemed to give more life to the figures. Then, on a whim, I added the orange details, and strengthened the whites. This really seemed to add life and joy – so I stopped there!

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