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Judaic art: A High Priest of the Second Temple period holding a Sefer Torah, contemplating the moon.

High Priest Contemplating Eternity (Judaic art)

Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 70cm x 50cm (28″ x 20″)

Price: $ 475

In this original Judaic art painting, the High Priest is holding a gold-encased Sefer Torah (scroll of the Law). He is contemplating the Holy One against the dynamic, swirling, night sky, representing the Ein Sof (the Infinite). This painting evolved gradually, at a time when I was very interested and involved with meditation, culminating in a week-long silent retreat. As with meditation, this painting is about, or is trying to capture, man’s relationship to G-d. This is not something that can be said in words. So I hope this picture says a little about it.