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Original artwork of all Torah portions

Prices vary from $310 to $475, depending on the amount of detail, and the time each painting took. My Torah portion illustrations were originally commissioned for the new five-volume Torah for children, Erzahl es deinen Kindern – (Relate it to your Children), adapted in German by Bruno Landthaler and Hanna Liss. Published in Berlin by Ariella Books, it is the first Child’s Bible for the German Jewish community in fifty years. It was a privilege and a pleasure to produce the illustrations for this project, and am happy to be offering the original artworks for sale here.

Bright, joyous and meaningful: A universal art that is also a Jewish art, telling all our stories.

Light and joy in life, and in divine service, have always been central themes of Hassidic teachings. This is the feeling I’ve tried to convey in this series of Torah portion illustrations. I hope that through this joyous intent, I will also be reaching a wider audience regardless of cultural background. I do love the bright light and colours of Israel, infused with a powerful spiritual force, and hope that this too is evoked in my work.

My artistic aim.

My aim with this series was to present a contemporary, modern and universal approach to traditional themes in Torah art. I was concerned to create work that was accessible, clear and engaging to all. This was to be a decorative, simple and naive art, open, direct and without pretensions.